One of the most popular types of pasta, which is distinguishable because of its thin cylindrical shape and its length. Cooking spaghetti is not especially hard, while the results are more than impressive when you pick the right ingredients. Sole Mio offers a few types of this appetizing pasta, all of which are made of durum wheat.

This is extremely important, because these products do not easily stick together when boiled and are healthier than the others. They contain high quality fibers, proteins and Vitamin B, and are also among the foods with low glycemic Index.

The delicious Sole Mio spaghetti are ready only for a few minutes – the exact time for preparation is noted on the package of each product. We advise you to not boil them for too long as the ready meal should be al dente.

You are busy and you hardly find enough time to prepare dinner on time? Try our spaghetti Express, they are ready only for 4 minutes, which will save you a lot of time in the kitchen and the result will be more than impressive. The perfect solution for a meal which will bring joy to the whole family – fast, healthy and delicious.

You should also try spaghetti Quattro, they are with innovative shape which allows for the sauce to remain longer on them. Are you wondering whether this pasta is suitable for vegans? You can offer them Sole Mio spaghetti without any concerns. You can also find inspiration for recipes in the blog section of our website.