Enjoy the irresistible pasta from selected varieties  of durum wheat! The pasta does not stick together when cooked in plenty of water and is of outstanding taste quality. The products of Sole Mio are prepared by professionals, according to a traditional recipe. They make a wonderful combination when used together with all existing sauces and ingredients and are suitable for a main meal as well as for an energizing and tasty salad.

Sole Mio produces delicious pasta for all of you and those closest to you. Chose from products with different shapes and sizes, among which are: penne, farfalle, fusilli, tagliatelle and others. Dinner and lunch will be appetizing and healthy when you use high class pasta and your favorite recipe. Pasta is a wonderful meal solution for people who have a busy lifestyle or those who are in love with the Italian cuisine. There are different types of pasta, which are worth trying as each kind is combined in a very intriguing way with different vegetables, meat and other ingredients.

Almost all Sole Mio pasta is suitable for vegans as it contains only 100% selected varieties of durum wheat as well as pure water. The time for preparation is noted on the packaging of each product and varies between 4 and 12 minutes. If you are searching for inspiration for the dish you will place on your table, take a look at our website where we upload recipes for macaroni and spaghetti.