паста през лятото

    Summer temptations – which macaroni and spaghetti to prepare

    Which pasta is most suitable for salad?

    From pasta you can make not only an unbelievable main dish, but a tempting and refreshing salad as well. Many have difficulties when choosing macaroni which would suit this idea. To make it easier for you, we have gathered some information about how to prepare an amazing salad which would ...
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    Combining pasta with sauce – a few advices

    You have decided that you will prepare a delicious pasta for dinner or for lunch? Terrific decision, but you have to decide what the sauce would be as well as all the other ingredients for the meal. The truth is that you have a lot of options but it’s good ...
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    Spaghetti for vegetarians – ideas for sauces and ingredients

    From little ones to big ones – everyone loves pasta. Cooking with spaghetti and macaroni is easy and pleasant, because there are a thousand options for recipes and ingredients! If you don’t eat meat or you just look for some fresh ideas for lunch or dinner, this article would be ...
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    The Best Pasta Sauces

    At the beginning, pasta was consumed mainly boiled and seasoned to taste, or, sometimes, sprinkled with grated hard cheese, yet no one had had the idea of adding sauce to it until the almighty tomato appeared on the culinary scene and its fateful influence changed the taste of a favorite ...
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