kids pasta

    Kids love pasta?

    How to eat pasta – etiquette and advice

    There are a lot of questions regarding the correct way to eat pasta. Some people avoid ordering the delicious meal in a restaurant because they are afraid of getting stains or to embarrass themselves in front of the others. Find out what is the etiquette when eating pasta and be ...
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    The most common myths about pasta

    Easy to cook, amazingly delicious and diverse – pasta is the food which brings immense delight, but is also the cause of a lot of myths! Read about the most common ones and find out what is the truth about those appetizing products from the Italian kitchen. The pasta is not ...
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    Good For Your Health, Good For Your Figure

    Let’s celebrate pasta - the most loved food, the most beautiful Italian and the best friend of tomato sauce and your waistline! A study carried out in Italy claims pasta is not fattening! Regardless of being delicious and a favourite food for so many, pasta has gotten a bad reputation with ...
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    Types Of Pasta According To Size

    STRAIGHT PASTA includes some of the most famous types of pasta, namely - Spaghetti, which as a rule is a long, thin and with a round section. Their name is the plural for spaghetto, which is the Italian for “string” or “rope”. They are usually cooked with tomato sauce in ...
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