About us

Sole Mio is a brand that offers high quality food products with incredible taste due to the use of the purest quality ingredients and traditional craftsmanship.

The brand was introduced to the Bulgarian market in 2017. Sole Mio offers a wide range of products for both home cooking and for restaurant use: spaghetti, macaroni penne, farfalle, fusili, fide, couscous, lasagna and others. Sole Mio strives to meet and even exceed the demands of its customers, so besides pasta, it also offers classic Italian recipe sauces to help you easily prepare even more savory spaghetti and macaroni dishes.

The Sole Mio main principles are: traditions, innovation, quality and taste. Sole Mio creates modern pasta combining in a harmonious way the classic taste with the innovative methods of production. So today you can enjoy even spaghetti with an innovative square shape, as well as Express products, ready in just 4 minutes!

Good food is one of the ingredients for a happy life and a key to good health, so Sole Mio creates a new style in balanced and healthy eating, and the delight of well-prepared meals will make you and your loved ones truly happy. Once you try the Sole Mio products, you will be happy to call them “The Sun on my table”.

All of us often need inspiration when they are considering what to prepare for a meal for ourselves or for the family. That’s why we’re continually adding new recipes and useful articles related to the culture tasty, healthy eating. The mission of Sole Mio is to bring joy to the home and to delight with superb taste coming from the high quality, natural ingredients used.

Try Sole Mio spaghetti and macaroni and share your feedback or simply contact us, using the convenient contact form. We’ll be happy to have your feedback and to find out what your favorites are.