паста салата

    Which pasta is most suitable for salad?

    Kids love pasta?

    Everyone knows that kids love pasta! Yes, the little members of your family can consume pasta and yes – it won’t harm them. In fact, it can be an important part for a balanced, healthy diet. Pasta for kids - Interesting research The results from the research of the National Pasta Association ...
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    Combining pasta with sauce – a few advices

    You have decided that you will prepare a delicious pasta for dinner or for lunch? Terrific decision, but you have to decide what the sauce would be as well as all the other ingredients for the meal. The truth is that you have a lot of options but it’s good ...
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    How to eat pasta – etiquette and advice

    There are a lot of questions regarding the correct way to eat pasta. Some people avoid ordering the delicious meal in a restaurant because they are afraid of getting stains or to embarrass themselves in front of the others. Find out what is the etiquette when eating pasta and be ...
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    Spaghetti for vegetarians – ideas for sauces and ingredients

    From little ones to big ones – everyone loves pasta. Cooking with spaghetti and macaroni is easy and pleasant, because there are a thousand options for recipes and ingredients! If you don’t eat meat or you just look for some fresh ideas for lunch or dinner, this article would be ...
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